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Spring Behrouz


Founder and CEO

Vincere Biosciences NeuroInitiative

Spring Behrouz, Ph.D. (CEO) is a translational neuroscientist dedicated to the development of therapeutics for age-related diseases. She is the founding CEO at Vincere Biosciences with a focus on modulating mitochondrial quality control mechanisms to improve age-related decline. She is also the co-founder of Vincere’s sister company, which focuses on computational tools to accelerate drug discovery. Previously she worked with Matt Farrer at Mayo clinic to characterize genetic models of Parkinson's disease and was part of the team that discovered a new pathogenic mutation in VPS35. She is a recipient of JBJ’s 40 under 40 award, winner of One Spark’s science award, and supporter of science on the TEDx and March for Science stages.

Andy Lee


Vincere Biosciences NeuroInitiative

Andy Lee is co-founder and COO at Vincere Biosciences, and co-founder/CTO at NeuroInitiative. He is co-inventor on multiple granted and pending patents surrounding the SEED simulation platform and small molecules that increase mitophagy. Building on over 20 years of software and management experience in multiple industries he applies systems engineering toward complex biological challenges. He is active in the longevity research community and passionate about finding methods to slow age-related decline.