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w0rmh0le Live!

We're inviting everyone (yes, you!) to a public discussion!

Bring your own topic to present to everyone, or just join in the conversation.

Steps to participate:

1. Visit on the date of the event.

2. Navigate to the link shown on the live video, or click the link in the about section of the Owncast page.

3. Enter your alias, check your camera and mic, and wait to be brought into the room by the moderator.

Moderation details:

tldr; be kind and recieve kindness in return.

This event will be moderated by nebunez. Participants are expected to adhere to the code of conduct described at

While we welcome the discussion of challenging topics, we promote a positive environment above all else. As such, w0rmh0le moderators have the right to remove any one that violates the code of conduct or that they feel is contributing to a negative environment. All removals will be public and with a verbal or written justification at the time of removal. To appeal moderation decisions, you can contact nebunez via XMPP [], on the Fediverse [], or via email [].